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The mission of Resilient Hearts is to empower people through sustainable development programs and long term partnerships.

Our Beginnings

While teaching English in rural India we were put in charge of teaching the 5th grade D class of “slow learners”. The children are put in classes A, B, C, and D with D being the slower learners and A being the best students. When we started taking turns reading we noticed many of the children had to have the book inches from their face to see what they were reading. As we looked around we realized not very many children at the school had glasses. Since all of us wore contacts we knew how hard it was to get around without being able to see so we thought why not screen these children to see who needs glasses and get them from D class up to a higher letter class. And that’s exactly what we did. We organized an eyeglass clinic, raised the funds online for it through family and friends, got an optometrist to come, and got the new glasses distributed. The glasses have proven very effective in the areas we have handed them out. And now we are expanding into other projects where we see a need. To volunteer with us click here. DSC_0233

Social Impact


Started with just 3 volunteers, seeing a need for eyeglasses, raised money through an online platform allowing us to pay an optometrist to come and outfit all the children at the Sevalaya school who needed eyeglasses.


Expanded to 8 volunteers screening an entire school and donating over 200 glasses also screening height&weight.

Worked on a literacy campaign in nearby villages where nearly 50% of women over 40 are illiterate.


Again brought 8 volunteers with us and were able to screen an entire school and donated over 150 glasses to a nearby village.

Did seminars in Personal Hygiene and handed out 50 Days for Girls kits to girls in 8-10th grade so the girls are now able to stay in school longer without having to take leave during their menstrual cycles.IMG_8292


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