Happenings at Sevalaya

100_8413cBecause it’s school holiday we are helping with summer camp at the moment. Even the kids who live at the hostel and don’t have family around get to leave the school and go on break for about 2 weeks. If they don’t have someone to go home to sometimes a few of them will go with a staff member or something just so they can get a break from always being here, which I think is really great for them. The kids at the hostel go in two groups so there are always some kids here. Today we got to help with admission’s for new children to Sevalaya. The children are tested to see what levels they are at, the parent’s are asked background questions to see how supportive and involved they will be in their child’s education, and then they have to fill out about how much money they make to see if the qualify for a free education here at Sevalaya. There were tons of people who showed up, it’s really cool to see how much Sevalaya is helping all of these people rise above. They have a saying on the gates of the school,””. We took a tour of the cow sanctuary where they have about 50 cows, only around 4 produce milk. The rest are dry milk cows, cows are sacred here and many times when the cows stop producing milk the owners will let them loose and they will have to fend for themselves. Instead, Sevalaya takes them in and uses their dung (like I talked about before) for bio-fuel which powers many things here at the school. I think they said the school sits on 10 acres where there is also a large garden where they grow all their vegetables for the meals. Sevalaya is a vegan school, which is kind of nice for us because most of the time the iffy food you don’t know what it is or are scared to eat is meat. They also have an old folks home where they take in the old folks (of course) who have no relatives or money and they stay here free of charge. Some of the old folks live together and some live in the integrated home with the children which is where they pair up an older person with a child and they become their kind of mentor and role model. It’s nice because the children have so many older role models to look up to and so many people willing to play with or take care of them that I feel like (so far at least) they have pretty healthy relationships with people. Right now the are in the process of building a boy’s hostel and from the looks of it, it will be done in a few weeks. They are building it so fast, the started it right before we got here and have made lots of progress since then. Sevalaya also has a medical center here on campus (you never really have to leave the campus for anything if you don’t want to) but they said the doctor hasn’t been coming as often lately as he was before so maybe Sydney could help out there. Everything is sponsored by donors here so if you would like to donate to Sevalaya to find out how check it out here. We helped fold donor papers yesterday for them to send out, the whole school was doing it. It’s nice that the kids know everything that is going on here, how they get the money, and how they are able to help give back when they can. The nice thing about Sevalaya is I feel like everything they do is for the benefit of the people who are here. They try very hard to make sure everyone feels loved and this doesn’t become a business where they forget about the people they are helping. The children and the old folks are their #1 priority. I’m so impressed and in awe of this organization!100_8288c



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