Past Volunteer Testimonials

When I first decided to come to India I had all sorts of thoughts race through my head. There are so many people th11246375_10204850308876920_3884842696003543701_nere. It’s smelly. Can I handle all the bugs and creatures? Are we even going to have electricity? They just kept coming. When I stepped on the plane to come I still had no idea what to expect but as I stepped off I saw just what I thought I was going to. SOOO many people. None of them spoke very good English. It was smelly. I knew I definitely was not in America anymore. But as we got to Sevalaya things changed. I saw the school with hundreds of kids learning. Kids coming at you from every direction saying “sister, what is your name?” Laughing when I said Miranda because it is like a popular drink here called “Mirinda”. They are wanting to know where I came from, how I was doing and to just get a little bit of attention from me. Going to the Hostile and seeing the Orphans there was my favorite part. Just playing with them, talking to them and teaching them “bubble gum, bubble gum on a dish” (which soon became was some of them called me) made my day. These hostile kids have nothing yet are some of the most happy, joyful, funny and loving kids I have ever met. Through out the two weeks no matter if I was feeling sick, hot or tired, playing and helping the kids with homework always made me feel better. When there was something they liked they made sure to complement it by saying “super”. These sweet girls complimented me like crazy. For two weeks I felt 100% loved. This was strange for me. I went to India to show these kids love and happiness and in turn they showed me more love and happiness than I could ever imagine. When people ask me how India was I cant help but smile and want to talk about it for hours. I miss the hostile girls every minute of every day. Resilient Hearts showed me a part of this world I would have never thought I would go to. It showed me a country that I now have a lot of love for. Introduced me to kids that have changed me life. I can’t thank them enough and I will always remember this amazing experience!

-Miranda (Summer 2015)

“My experience volunteering in India with Resilient Hearts was one that words cannot describe. We were treated with kindness everywhere we went and it was so comforting to feel genuinely welcome in a place so far and different from home. My favorite part of the trip was spending time with the children. Whether it was during vision screenings, prayer, or playtime after school, they were always so happy to see us and their excitement and smiles completely captured my heart. Those short two weeks were easily the most rewarding of my life and I already hope to return next summer. Thanks to Resilient Hearts, I arrived in India as a volunteer but left feeling like family.”

-Alex (Summer 2015)

Going t11057301_958765267519386_4438329038535685548_no Sevalaya with Resilient Hearts was a very memorable experience that I will never forget! The eyeglass clinics were so much fun. I loved seeing the adorable and energetic kids everyday. They have the biggest smiles and hearts! The kids at the school were the nicest kids I’ve ever met. They were always so happy, appreciative and friendly! This was an amazing opportunity to serve the sweet Indian children and explore India!

-Janelle (Summer 2015)

11666293_10205340713732045_3157856363630886571_nThe summer India program is truly a life changing experience. After volunteering with Resilient Hearts for the first time I knew that there was no way I would be able to say no to another program from that point on. This program is different from others due to the fact that the volunteers are able to see their hard work and service directly benefit those around them. I had always wanted to get involved with a non profit and travel but never knew how I would be able to. As a student my finances are pressed but with the many fundraising opportunities that Resilient Hearts offers, it gives everyone a chance to get involved. Resilient Hearts offers such a great program because it give their volunteers a chance to see rural parts of Southern India while being able to give back to the community. I no longer view the students and faculty at Sevalaya as just an organization, they are now my family.

-Brenda (Summer 2014&2015)

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