This year we are excited to announce our 2014 Volunteer Trips to INDIA:100_9333

    • We have 3 tour dates to chose from we may add more depending on interest. (fill out the preliminary application form here (make sure to put the email you check, that’s how I will get in contact with you for the phone interview) as soon as possible to be eligible for acceptance into the program, filling out the application doesn’t mean you have to go it’s just to make sure you qualify and to get more information.)
    • According to interest we will add more dates so if none of these work fill out the preliminary application and let me know what dates would work for you.
    • 15-20 people in your group? You can chose your own dates and customize your tour projects no extra cost
    • Everyone needs to fill out the preliminary application form as soon as possible if interested
    • We are doing an optional trip up to North India to see the Taj Mahal July 24-30 which will be between$300-400 as an optional side trip.

If you sign up by:

  • May 1:         Cost is $1200

*See how Cost is split up below. After filling out the preliminary application if you are accepted (almost everyone is accepted) you will be given instructions on how to complete payment.



  • June 23-July 6
  • July 10-July 24
  • July 27-August 10

Cost: $1200 program fee not including plane ticket, visa, or vaccinations. Meals, clean water, transportation, room and board are included in the cost. Summer trips down payment of $500 due by March 1 to secure your spot ($250 non-refundable).  Last $700 due April 1.  When you buy tickets everyone will fly into Chennai on the same day so I can pick everyone up at the same time. (budget $1400-$1800). We are also planning a weekend getaway to Mammalamporom a beach resort 3 hours from where we will be complete with rock carvings and caves.

Fundraising: We have a great fundraising book you receive upon sign up that has helped raise over $1000 per person to use it. Don’t let cost get in the way of experiencing a new culture and serving others. This experience also looks great on resumes, can be used for volunteer hours, and we are working on getting internship credit.

Why should you get involved: Medicine? Dental? Social Work? Sewing? Education? Girls Empowerment? Environmental? Do you have a new great idea you want to try? Fill out the preliminary application form to let me know what you are interested in and we can see how we can customize the program for you to get the most out of it! All we need from you to come on this trip is an open mind, an open heart, and a willingness to help others.

Location: Chennai, Indiachennai

 “Having a daughter is like watering a flower in the neighbour’s garden.” – A Tamil proverb.

The Indian women’s mortality rate is the second-highest in the world. More than 60 per cent of Indian women are illiterate. Every year, of 15 million baby girls in India, almost 25 per cent do not live to celebrate their 15th birthday. Adult women take in approximately 1,000 fewer calories for one day than men in India.In India, 77% of the population is able to spend only Rs 20 a day.

Chennai is ranked the safest city in India and the most traditional so be ready to dress in traditional garb, rock your bindi’s, and go shoeless. We will be in a rural village called Kasuva Village, the organization we will be working at is called Sevalaya. Check out the blog to read about our experience working here last summer and to get an idea of what you are in for and to meet the kids!


Here are a few of our current projects we would love for you to join us in:

Summer Camp/Education June 23-July 6 & July 16-August 10:

As Nelson Mandela said “Education is the most powerful weapon you can use to change the world.” We will be teaching English classes, recreation, craft classes. We want to provide the kids a fun, loving, environment where they can learn new skills.  On campus there is an orphanage, old age home, school, and cow sanctuary so there is always plenty to do.

Eyeglass/Medical Clinic July 10-July 24:

We already have an established eyeglass clinic (you can read about it here). We would need volunteers to help organize the children during the camp, keep records of who needs glasses and prescriptions, and help pick out the frames. If you are an optometrist or studying the eye this is a great opportunity for you to help with the screening of the people. On campus there is an orphanage, old age home, school, and cow sanctuary so there is always plenty to do.

Come with us to better other’s lives while also changing your own.



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4 comments on “Volunteer
  1. krishna says:

    Alliance Nepal is an initiative set up by an enthusiastic team of locals within the Pokhara area.The main objective of Alliance Nepal is to be a catalyst towards social change through enhancing educational opportunities, health care, environmental awareness and cultural exchange.

    Through Alliance Nepal we offer a number of volunteer programs which include teaching at a local school, raising awareness on issues such as the environment, sanitation & health care. We believe in providing volunteers with the opportunity to experience and learn about Nepali culture first hand through language classes and home stays.

    We Offer,

    -Teaching English and various subjects at schools,
    -Teaching Buddhist monks and study about Buddhism
    -Work with orphans
    -Home stay and cultural exchange
    -Photography and Journalism
    -Environmental awareness

    Besides volunteer placement, We offer various adventure program to explore the beauty of Nepal like Trekking, Rafting, Climbing, Elephant safari, Mountain flight, Bungee jumping, Paragliding and more
    Feel free to contact us anytime in case you have any questions or concerns.

  2. Connie says:

    Hi this is a great opportunity! Just wondering what’s the opportunity that we offer for photography/journalism?

    I’m also interested in teaching monks and learn history – where can I get more info about the dates and contents?

    Many thanks!

    • Chambrey says:

      Hi Connie the dates are on the Volunteer page but we still have spots left this year for June 23-July 6 or July 27-August 10! You can do so much with Photography/Journalism while you’re there. You can teach the children, take part in working on detailing the lives of the seniors for a museum we are doing, or if you have other ideas let me know! If you fill out the preliminary application I can give you a call and we can chat about all the options!

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